Tips for helping with fatigue and tiredness

From your symptom report, you have given a score of 4 or more for the question about tiredness. In Nepal, we use similar words for this feeling: Kamjor Mahasus Hunu, or taagatnahunu.

The most important things to help with this feeling are:

  • To eat as nourishing meals as possible. I will send you some tips about good eating.
  • To get good rest and sleep at night. I will send you some tips about getting the best sleep.
  • To conserve your energy during the day by Only doing activities that are absolutely necessary. Plan to do essential activities during the times of the day when you feel strongest. Have other people do thing for you. Try and have the same routine of activities each day. Get and use a wheelchair to go places away from home.
  • Talk with your family about things that worry you.
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Version 1. February 1, 2019