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Dear Guest: Thank you for your interest in our efforts to improve palliative care in Nepal. Just a few comments. Our symptom instrument--The Marquette Symptom Assessment Survey was developed because for the majority of patients in low and middle income countries needing palliative care for cancer, it is primarily symptoms associated with the disease process from which they suffer. Thus this instrument does not have questions about symptoms which result from treatment--symptoms such as neuropathies, diarrhea, or brain fog. Our focus has been on the use of cell phones to submit symptom data There are increasing data indicating that involving patients more in their care leads to better outcomes. It may surprise some people to learn than there are as many mobile phone in Nepal as there are people. About half are Android phones. Please, if you have questions or concerns about the materials you have seen on this website, do share these with us. If you would like to explore working with us on development of a similar system or parts of an information technology rich system, please write us at Richard R. Love