Ways to help your appetite

  • Tell me if nausea, mouth problems or constipation are also problems because these can affect your appetite.
  • Eat 5 to 6 small meals a day rather than large meal and snack whenever you are hungry.
  • Do not limit how much you eat.
  • Determine which times of day you are hungry and eat at those times.
  • Eat nutritious snacks that are high in calories and protein such as dried fruits, nuts and nut butters, yogurt, cheeses, eggs, milkshakes, ice cream, cereal and pudding.
  • Keep your favorite foods on hand for snacking.
  • Try to eat in pleasant surroundings and with family or friends.
  • If the smell or taste of food makes you feel sick, eat food that is cold or at room temperature. This will decrease its odor and reduce its taste.
  • If you are having trouble tasting food, try adding spices (black pepper, cumin powder) to make the foods more appealing.
  • If you have changes in taste, such as a metallic taste in your mouth, try sucking on hard candy such as mints or lemon drops before eating a meal.
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Version 1. February 1, 2019