Managing your pain

Important things to know:

  • No reason to not treat pain with medicines.
  • The goal of treatment is to have your usual pain score <4.
  • Pain can usually be well controlled.
  • Management of other symptoms can help with pain control.
  • Taking strong meds now does not mean they will not work later.
  • In an emergency, as when your pain suddenly gets much worse, contact: (Here automatically put in the contact information for the specific doctor who is sending this communication)

Tips for taking pain medicines.

  • Regular administration of medicines is important. This means that you should take your pain medicine by a time schedule. Use a chart to write down every time you take the medicines.
  • Take your pain medicine after eating with at least a half a glass of water.
  • Always take a laxative to avoid constipation if you are taking strong medicines like morphine.
  • If your pain is not controlled by taking your pain medicine at usual times, then take a dose of the emergency medicine.
  • Tell the doctor when you have to take more than two emergency doses of medicine in one day.
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Version 1. February 1, 2019