Music to listen to, when you are anxious

  • The person may sleep most of time and may it be harder and harder for him/her to wake up.
  • The person may seem confused about time, place, and names of close family members.
  • The person may be restless, and make repetitive movements like pulling at the bed clothes.
  • The person may eat and drink much less, and the amount or urine may become very little.
  • The person’s hands, arms, feet and then legs may become cooler to the touch. The face may become pale, and the feet and legs may develop a purple-blue spotty color.
  • The person may lose of control of his/her bladder and bowels.
  • There may be loud gurgling sounds coming from the person’s throat or chest.
  • The person’s breathing may be irregular and may stop for 10 to 30 second periods. He/she may experience periods of rapid, shallow pant-like breathing.
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Version 1. February 1, 2019