Benefits for Doctors:

Doctors are busy; it is difficult for doctors to get complete information about a patient’s symptoms when the patient is at home. Our system helps doctors to get up to date information, and provide care for patients at home.

  • Efficient reporting system to reduce doctor’s time and effort for a single patient
  • A system for remunerating doctors for their time for patients at home
  • The website will provide guidelines for palliative care

In a religiously conservative and low-income country like Bangladesh, the health-care facilities are scarce and other socio-economic factors become decisive in how regularly a patient can visit the facility in person, especially when the patient is a woman. An assessment system that can monitor the patient’s health status regularly without requiring her to visit the health-care facility in person will be of great value. This App will help patient to obtain relief from severe symptoms. This will increase a patient’s quality of life.

In Bangladesh, the number of doctors per 1000 patients is low. There are very few specialists in the Palliative Care.

  • This App can help doctors to monitor their patients on a regular basis.
  • This App can save physician time